Saturday, August 31, 2013


Surgery was August 19th and I haven't posted at all to let my readers know how things went and are continuing to go....sorry.
Surgery went well, I was pretty out of it and got sick when we finally returned home.  Gary panicked a little, called Roswell and got me some nausea medication to help.  I'm glad he did.  It helped a lot and I was actually able to sleep for 6 hours.  By the next morning I was able to eat and drink.  Tuesday I slept a lot and just relaxed.  By Wednesday I was able to shower and finally looked at the incision.  It is about 5 inches wide and extends into my armpit area.  The incision itself wasn't painful, just sticky from the dermabond.  The entire breast and armpit is what is most uncomfortable.  It is still difficult to raise my right arm and it feels tight.  I am to do exercises daily to reduce the rigidness.
Monday the 26th we returned for a follow up with the surgeon.  Fabulous lady I must say.  She said that the pathology report showed she got all of it!  Phew, what a relief!  I was definitely not going to be happy if they had to go back in!  It didn't spread into the lymph nodes either, another great discovery!  BUT....I still need chemo and radiation.  The cancer was a moderate stage 2 and because of my age I have to continue with the original plan.  Which I am trying to look on the bright side, this should take care of any cancer cells that are lingering somewhere in my body so hopefully I can live the rest of my life cancer free.
We go back to Roswell on the 11th of September to meet with both the radiation and chemo teams to discuss treatment.
I have to say, my husband and I live in an amazing community.  The Fire Company's Ladies Auxiliary made meals for us each day.  Local friends made meals, sent cards, helped with the kids and kept my husband sane.  Our family sent lots of love and support as well in many ways.  Not to mention my wonderful work family who have just been fabulous right from the beginning.  I am very blessed to have such an amazing support group!!!!
Kids go back to school Tuesday and I return to work.  Very excited to get back in the swing of things and to see everyone.  I am still pretty sore and probably will be for at least another month, but I promised my husband I would take it easy!
That is all I have to report at this time...I hope all my readers are doing well and if not, know this is a place to drop your lemons and receive some Lemon-AID in return!
Take care!!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Plan....

Well we went to Roswell on Thursday and met with our breast surgeon.  I would have to say we talked for about an hour about treatment.  The specifics of the pathology report are this...I have what is called invasive ductal carcinoma...grade 3...stage 2.  Which means, the cancer is in my milk duct and the invasive part means it is attacking the cells outside of the milk duct.  The grade and stage are all determined by size, growth rate and various other things.  It reminds me of those multiple choice question quizzes you used to take in magazines; if you circled A you get 1 point, B 2 points, and so on.

So the plan on August 19th, time to be determined, they will go in and take out the cancer and the lymph nodes that is draining it.  At that time they will inject a dye that will show them specifically which lymph nodes those are.  They will send them to the lab to be tested right then and there.  If it has invaded the lymph nodes they will remove them all, if not just the ones that are draining the cancer.  SO...this means, if all looks well, I come home after surgery, if they remove them all, I will stay over night and have a drain under my armpit.....that sounds FUN!  LOL.

Doctor said it could take 4-6 weeks to complete recover, I'm saying no more then 3...I need to get back to work.  After that I will need to go for Chemo.  Right now they are telling me it will be a pretty high dose, but the pathology of the cancer will determine that as well.  I am voting for a port.  I really am not thrilled about being stuck each time I go.  I bruise pretty easily and I don't have the greatest veins.  This will make it easier and less frustrating for myself and the administer.

AFTER the Chemo comes radiation.  I have my mind set that it will be more of an annoyance then painful.  Radiation is an everyday treatment.  Let's hope old man winter isn't too grumpy this year either.  Hate driving in that crap.  I'm so spoiled that I live and work in the same town.

SO by the time all is said and done I should be posting "Cancer Free" a year from now.  That isn't too bad, right?  It will be a rough road, but Team JB can do it!

Well off to get ready for a family reunion....can't wait!

Thanks for the support and love!  Keep the Lemon-aid flowing!