Saturday, July 27, 2013

Still positive!

I received so much positive feedback after the first post that I decided to definitely continue posting!  Thank you everyone!

Thursday I went for an MRI.  They wanted to make sure the mammogram and ultrasound showed everything that needed to be addressed.  They called later on to let me know that it came back showing no other tumors then the 2 they originally found.  Other good news that I received that day was a letter regarding my biopsy and one tumor is malignant the other is benign.  Gary wants them to remove both tumors, we shall find out Thursday.  I also received a packet in the mail from Roswell.  Reading it actually made me feel pretty relaxed about going there.  Of course there is a lot of paperwork to fill out and a family history part too.  Gary and I also had the conversation about filling out a Health Care Proxy, which prompted discussion about our Will.  Next step is an appointment with an Attorney to handle all of that.  I don't anticipate those items being needed until I'm at least 80, but at least it is peace of mind.
Kids are still doing well, actually the entire mood of the house has been very happy and upbeat lately.  YAY!

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